Twin Door Refrigerator High Gloss Finish


ALHAFIDH is once again expanding its line of refrigerators, which has become popular with those who want their kitchen in distinct contemporary ambiance.

The latest additions are twin-door models, which combine designs that reflect the modern approach to style with the most advanced technology boasting maximum energy savings and the highest level of efficiency.

The refrigerators are available in three colours – brown (RFHA-TM299DCB), red (RFHA-TM299DCR) and gold (RFHA-TM299DCG) – all of which are high-gloss stylish finishes that seems to signal the return of glamour to the kitchen. In addition to an elegant sleek look on the outside, the refrigerators are designed with top-mounted freezers, for easy access to frozen goods, yet ideal for less energy consumption. The fridge section, meanwhile, offers a huge amount of storage space, featuring tempered glass shelves and transparent drawers. Each of the refrigerators measures 519x577x1485 mm (WxDxH) and has a capacity of 299 liters.

RFHA-TM299DCB, RFHA-TM299DCR and RFHA-TM299DCG are all consistent with ALHAFIDH’s high-quality standards when it comes to innovative features. They are designed with external evaporator and outside condenser, which are essential for high-efficiency refrigerator operation. These features allow for heat to be ejected externally, therefore increasing the intensity of the cooling process with less electrical consumption. The Direct Cool feature is for efficient and quick cooling through natural convection, as well as preserving the chill for a longer period of time. The Auto Re-start function is for automatically restoring the unit to its previous setting after a sudden power failure. Configured to work best under local conditions, these refrigerators are equipped with T-Class Tropical Compressors which guarantee reliable efficiency and optimum cooling performance even under extreme heat and continuous operation. Finally, a five-year warranty on the refrigerator compressor provides ALHAFIDH customers the peace of mind they deserve.