Check out the new gas cooker collection recently added to ALFHAFIDH’s top-of-the-line home appliance portfolio!

Built with the latest in cutting-edge technology and innovation, the freestanding 90 x 60 cm gas cookers boast several features designed to enhance both performance and safety factors. Among them are: five gas burners with wok-style central hob; large enameled pan support for maximum stability and safety; oven light for easy checking on food while cooking; cooling fan for maximum safety and comfort, ensuring that hot air is expelled from the rear of the cook top protecting the oven door and cooker knobs from the effects of ultra-high temperatures; a mechanical timer that helps you monitor the cooking process; and, a host of other notable features that make it easy for you to prepare multi-dish meals.

ALHAFIDH also fitted the gas cookers (models GKHA-9060-SSP2 and GKHA-9060-SSE6) with an electronic ignition and a flame safety device, guaranteeing smooth and trouble-free operation. The double glass oven door is another fantastic feature. It offers added safety and protection as the heat stays in the oven chamber, while making it easy for you to clean grime as the inner door glass can be easily removed from the panel. On top of their perfected functionality, the ALHAFIDH gas cookers are impeccably stylish and sleek in stainless steel finish, giving your kitchen the perfect modern look.