The T3 Tropical Inverter is the latest evolution of technology when it comes to air conditioner compressors and ALHAFIDH is the only brand in Iraq to introduce such state-of-the-art feature with the launch of their latest Split-type ACs.

Available in two sizes (1.5 ton and 2 ton, with both Cooling and Heating functions), the brand’s newest air conditioning models guarantee increased level of efficiency and deliver far greater benefits as compared to regular air conditioners. For one, the ACs require low start-up voltage at less than 1 amp, while the running current also uses lower amperage (5-6 amps for 1.5 ton models and 5.5 – 6.5 amps for 2 ton units), making them perfectly suitable to be operated from generators. The ACs are also super-fast cooling (50% faster than ordinary ACs) as T3 Tropical Inverter compressors run full-speed from start-up and once the desired temperature is achieved, there is very minimal fluctuation of temperature in the room, thus providing a comfortable atmosphere all throughout its operation. With sharp fluctuations eliminated, AC units operate with less noise and customers get lower energy bills for consuming up to 68% less electricity.

The T3 Tropical Inverter is also ideal to withstand local environmental conditions, delivering optimum cooling performance even under extreme outdoor heat and for a 24-hour operation. This guaranteed efficiency makes the ACs more durable and customers will enjoy an optimum lifespan, especially with ALHAFIDH’s offer of 5-year warranty on the compressors.